Cum different produces and supports feminist porn.

For cum different films variety is very important. Moreover, we ask, what is pornographic? In every culture is there is a different definition of what pornography is and also different restrictions and regulations, which in turn shape the distinction of pornographic material.

Cum different began in Wiesbaden. Katy Bit shot her first documentary about feminist porn producers and the porn film festival in Berlin. The 30 minute Documentary shows four different female film makers and their own vision of porn.

In 2014 Katy Bit started to film porn by herself.

She now produces art-porn, experimental porn and also fictional shorts.
She also likes to collaborate and help in many other projects.

On this Website you will find:

  • Cum Different produced films
  • Films supported by Katy Bit
  • Films from other feminist film makers from around the world

If you would like to work in feminist porn, write a message using the contact form on the website or facebook. We always are looking for diverse ideas and identities of pornography and sexuality. We hope to develop together a colourful and challenging film industry.

Cum different is always open to creators, writers, actors and musicians.

What else?

Cum different is a independent film production company. The aim is to produce feminist and innovative film concepts.
The productions of collaborations between Cum different groups are also found here.

The site is also Katy Bit‘s Blog. She want to help propagate other film makers, film festivals and queer projects.

Cum different tries to spread good messages about sex and love and critically report on media and research around the world.
Most of Cum different films are non commercial and try to reach the principles of our own „Pro Porno Manifest“