„I remember when I had to go to a video store or to ask friends to borrow a porn video!“. On the TV there was Show like „Schulmädchenreport“ (“school girl report”) and boys watched porn on the world of warcraft lan events. After I saw my first feminist queer porn film () in a cinema, I started to research in this kind of film genre.
The film I.K.U. from Shu Lea Cheang impressed me so much, that I was wondering if there were more of these films.

But 2000 was nothing on the german market. Just non explicit sex films or these very sexiest porn for men. Since the 80’s the porn industry shows the same boring action and the cum shot at the end. The only thing that has changed, is that today the actors have no more hair between the legs.

2008 Dicovering the porn filmfestival

It takes me 8 years to find the next feminist porn in my life. When I arrived for the first time, the Berlin porn filmfestival, I found out there exist a lot of feminist porn producers.I talked to Petra Joy, the first and biggest film maker from Germany. I met Erika Lust in Barcelona.I start watching queer porn from the amazing Courtney Trouble.
I found out there is so much alternative porn, so I decided to make a documentary about this topic. To talk about porn is not established. But this was what I wanted to have. So I organized small porn screening with people. We watched and talked about porn.

First Porn

2010 I start to film my own porn films with my friends, I wanted to see how difficult it is to do a porn.

My female friends criticised me a lot, because nobody know how feminist porn look like. They always compared me with the mainstream industry. But my movies were more art then porn. My first films where UV light films.I played with genres and locations. So my first steps where done. Around the world a lot of women starts the same.Now I created some different movies, which you can find here on my website.
My latest project LAST CALL, is now available on Erika Lustfilms.

Now we have a divers porn world from feminist and queer people around the world. In my opinion we should swatch, support and share these movies, to have a bigger perspective on this topic. The range becomes bigger but it is still not enough.